Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Turkey blog : What I eat//AMAZING FOODS

Hi guys, Assalamualaikum and welcome again ..

Okay so this post is fully dedicated to the food I eat while I was in Turkey. It was fantastic  . I was blessed .😛

so Good MORNING and this is my OH MY GOD breakfast on my first day there : How can they served honey comb at a breakfast buffet and their insane choices of meat is making me on carnivore mode like 100%

And this is my dinner at Bursa Hotel and I literally take every single thing from the buffet ,every meat dish and every sweet baklava and all type of mousse and this is the first time I tasted fresh figs cause in Malaysia we only got the dried ones and it taste so sweet soft OH SO GOOD...

#FACT: In Yemen , they don't eat dried figs as it drop from the tree but Turkish people start eating it and then sell it to other countries and that is how Malaysian people started to eat dried figs.

Also every course meal in Turkey always start with soup and bread and this is my favorite soup which is a tomato soup and this bread which is like sour dough ( I think ) and also people there love to eat wheat rather than rice and grains which also I LOVE.

This is one of their breads which is a pan thin bread baked with sour cheese inside.for Malaysians, this bread taste a lot like "roti canai" ( I mean the texture ).

So this is when I was in a fish village and they served us two grill delicious fish but I was so full and it was a little bit fishy so I end up giving one of the fish to a stray cat .

Sorry , not a great picture but this was Kus-Kus, a morocco pasta dish and it was so good and I end up having four plates of these .

These was all the different types of fruits and cheese and meat that they served : they mostly have cow meat,lamb and chicken, ironically turkey meat was less likely to found in Turkey .

This is apple tea - first time I ever tasted , and they give us this every time  and I got hook on it.

This is my favorite snack ever- homemade yogurt with honey and poppy seeds . 'two thumbs UP'

And also Turkey is famous for its SWEETS and their Turkish delight is heaven and their chocolate and their deserts which they dip in sugar and dip with honey and I'm crazy for sweets and this place is just amazingggg and I so want to go again just for their FOOD . 😜

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